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I am a software testing professional with proven experience in library research, education, software testing, and customer service. I help clients develop products that reflect their business and user needs.


With over 15 years of problem-solving experience in fields such as teaching; research and cataloguing in libraries; customer service in financial, automotive, and health industries; and delivering software testing services in all phases of software development.


My colleagues say that I am “an amazing researcher,” a “strong speaker,” “empathetic and thinking of others,” “thorough,” “resourceful,” a “great question 'asker,'” with a “hilarious sense of humour and passionate,” thoughtful “about all aspects of ways design can be applied,” and “always thinking about the customer experience.”


About this portfolio
You may or may not see the design you are looking for, but I hope that you appreciate the quality of my work. I also hope that would hear from you soon. 

Software Testing Professional

Domains of expertise
Areas of expertise
  • User research

  • Information architecture

  • User experience design

  • Usability testing 

  • Software testing

  • Education

  • Information Science

  • Customer Service

  • Finance (POS)